In the event of pipe breakage, defective water pipes and leaks, water damage can occur, as a result of which the building substance may suffer or even health is endangered if mold develops in the damp masonry.

Therefore, react immediately in case of water damage in order to keep the consequential damage as low as possible.


Getting started with water damage

  • Lock all main water valves
  • Switching off the electrical supply (if necessary)
  • Draining the water
  • Eliminate damp furnishings
  • supply warm air or ventilate well

Moist cellars and wet masonry

In the event of water damage or after the discovery of a wet spot, the cause should be investigated as soon as possible with appropriate measures.

Professional leak detection offers the possibility to find the cause in a targeted manner and without damage, for example by hitting the walls. We use various methods for leak detection in order to quickly find the origin of a water damage.