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As Wales prepares for the Christmas trade season after its firewall lockdown, we show our support for local traders across Gwent. Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting traders from all sectors to help them grow their business during this difficult time. If you are a trader or local business and would like to participate, simply fill out our easy to use Q&A and send it back to us:

CASTLE Plumbing Supplies / Bathroom & Tile Center, headquartered in Caldicot, has been in business for almost 20 years.

It supplies high quality bathrooms and tiles throughout South Wales with four showrooms to date, as well as a Welsh leader in the plumbing and heating supplies industry with four more commercial branches selling everything from boilers to faucet washers.

In 2018, the company donated the bathrooms, heating system and plumbing to the BBC show DIY SOS to help a local family in need in Monmouth.


Joe Saunders, Marketing Director, said: “We have taken the threat of Covid-19 very seriously. We quickly closed our bathroom showrooms in March to avoid further spreading the coronavirus, but remained available by phone to respond to all customer inquiries.

“However, as the lockdown began to ease, we made sure to put all reasonable security measures in place to be able to reopen our showrooms with full steam and keep all of our customers and colleagues safe.

“We have assigned one-way walking systems around our showrooms, we make sure face masks are always worn and hand sanitizer is always used at the entrance, we follow social distancing rules , install protective screens at our checkouts and many other processes to make our Covid showrooms secure.

“When it comes to our plumbing branches, we have always remained open and negotiated safely throughout this year to provide key workers with all the plumbing and heating products they may desperately need. And as winter approaches, this effort remains even more widespread. ”

For details call 01291 431192.

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