Snap-It – Sourcing of plumbing supplies throughout London


Imagine not having to be billed twice for calling your plumber and not having to wait 2 weeks for the problem to be fixed. Imagine being a plumber and not needing to drive around looking for parts, stuck in traffic, wasting time and money. That dream is now a reality – thanks to Snap-It!

Snap-It was founded by Viktor muhhin, a 20-year-old former plumber who knew all the aches and pains of a tradesperson’s job. His learning was the origin of Snap-It, a platform that allows craftsmen to order any part on demand and have it delivered in 30 to 40 minutes.

Snap-It was officially launched just over a year ago, in pandemic mix and has already surpassed £ 1million in revenue, serving all areas of the M25.


The way Snap-It works is that merchants can place orders on its app which is sent to the retailer closest to where they are located. The retailer will accept the order, which will trigger the assignment of a courier to that order, where Snap-it has access to thousands of cyclists around London through its multiple partners. The courier will receive the order and simply collect it from the retailer for delivery to the craftsman.

The cycle of happiness is then complete where the end customer, like you and me, will be delighted that our boiler can be repaired immediately and the craftsman can see more customers, after providing revolutionary customer service. Participating retailers secure additional revenue and Snap-It becomes a full partner in the business ecosystem.

Snap-It will be looking to expand to several UK cities over the next year and secure additional funding in the near future. The company is currently a team of 9, including CTO Timo Tuominen who gained extensive experience with Moneycorp and Samsung and their new hire Harry Tyndall who joined as Director of Revenue and was part of Deliveroo from their early days, launching the business in the UK. , Dubai and Australia.

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