Sewer Line Cleaning, Repair, and Replacement Services

First-class customer service, emergency service and transparent costs / prices are a matter of course for all our services. From pipe cleaning to sewer inspection and leak testing to the use of the latest sewer technology – you can rely on fair costs. As an experienced company with trained staff, we realistically estimate the costs incurred in the event of a blockage in the drain.

So that you don’t look down the tube when you get the invoice, it is important that you describe the initial situation to us as precisely as possible over the phone. Then we get an idea of ​​the situation on site 

After the pipe has been cleaned, it is advisable to carry out regular checks with a specialist sewer camera to detect and prevent possible damage at an early stage. Give us a call,

Sewer image recording

In order to be able to limit the costs of a sewer pipe burst (clogging in the main pipe) by roots in the drain, it is recommended to drive the sewer pipe with a pipe camera after a pipe cleaning in order to document the sewage pipe. In this way, the burst  sewer pipe can be specifically eliminated by the plumber performing their work. 

If there is a blockage due to tree roots in the drain We will help you as an immediately.

Of course, we also dig up the ground, expose the broken sewer pipe and replace the defective sewer pipe or seal the drain.


Broken pipe due to roots in the sewer pipe

This problem affects sewer pipes that have not been properly laid or that have cracks (broken pipe). In particular, the previously common sewer pipes made of mortared clay pipes are susceptible to this. The roots of the trees cause tiny leaks in the drain and grow into the nutrient-rich sewage. If the broken pipe is not noticed in good time, the pressure forces caused by the growth of the roots can lead to the leak becoming larger over time. This can be remedied by a root protection film made of solid plastic, with which the sewer pipes are covered over a large area or completely enveloped.

What to do if water is in the basement after heavy rain?

Dismantle the down-pipes on the outside of the house and let the rainwater run into the garden until the blockage in the down-pipe or sewer pipe (blockage in the main pipe) has been cleared by our emergency service. Rainwater is better off in the garden than when the water penetrates the basement. Our plumber’s emergency service re-installs the rain pipes professionally after we have carried out a pipe cleaning and removed the blockage in the down-pipe.

Of course, we take care of that, through the blockage in the sewer pipe, soil drainage, roof drainage with a gutter cleaning and gutter cleaning

For all other drain blockages.

  • The bathtub does not drain properly?
  • Is the shower blocked?
  • The toilet is making weird sounds?
  • Bidet drain clogged / washing machine / dishwasher drain clogged?
  • If a drain is blocked, use as little water as possible and if there is an accident in the drain, inform us about the blockage.
  • All emergencies (such as unclogging sewer pipes, broken pipe, etc.) are usually dealt with by our plumber emergency service with a response time of one hour.

After pipe cleaning who bears the costs?

In a rental house, the following applies: The tenant is responsible for any blockages in the drainage pipe between the apartment and the down-pipe. These solely used apartment drains from the kitchen or bathroom are called supply lines.

These are usually referred to as separate property in rental contracts. The owner is responsible for the main sewer pipe shared by the house (e.g. the down-pipe or the sewer underground pipe), unless it can be proven to a tenant that the blockage of the main sewer pipe is due to his misconduct.

This could arise by introducing objects into the toilet that do not belong there. Wet wipes, sanitary towels etc.

Why use us?

Take advantage of our experience from our pipe service and do not resort to cheap suppliers. You will end up paying more.

Too little wastewater in the sewer pipe, longer periods without rain or due to technical causes can lead to deposits in the sewer network that hinder the drainage or cause odors (drainage stinks). In most cases, the plumber performing the work has to mill out the deposits in the drain pipe.

We at Corrs, therefore recommend regular pipe cleaning of the drainage systems due to our many years of experience in the field of drain cleaning as part of sewer maintenance.

Current studies show that 80% of water damage is caused by defects or inadequately maintained sewer pipes. Pipes whose diameter is reduced by ten percent due to pollution transport up to a quarter less wastewater into the sewer.

Pipe cleaning services

  • Pipe cleaning with a rotating spiral
  • Drain cleaning (clogged toilets)
  • Pipe cleaning with high pressure hoses
  • Pipe cleaning with mobile high-pressure flushing devices
  • Pipe cleaning with special rotary heads against  roots, deposits, etc.
  • Pipe cleaning of down-pipes
  • Pipe cleaning of floor drains
  • Pipe cleaning of floor gutters
  • Gutter cleaning and gutter cleaning
  • Pipe cleaning in the event of a blockage in the drain 24-hour emergency service

Chemical pipe cleaning

Many also try drain cleaner or pipe cleaner, which is believed to be the ultimate solution for the drain. Due to the much-praised pipe cleaning on TV at low prices, those affected trust in good faith and generously pour the chemical pipe cleaners into the drainpipe, which is harmful to the environment and at the same time can cause serious damage to the drainpipe.

Drain pipe cleaning

In the case of stubborn drain blockages, the drain cleaner can settle in front of the blockage and petrify, which later prevents successful pipe cleaning by a drain and pipe cleaning company. In very serious cases, the drain pipe damaged by the pipe cleaner must then be replaced, which involves high costs and is time-consuming.