Kitchen, bathroom, sanitary or pipework installation?

Installing a new kitchen, bathroom or toilet is quite a job. First of all, of course, the demolition work, but then the installation of the new design follows. Although you may still be able to demolish and dispose of it yourself, the installation of the new interior and especially the associated pipework is often a completely different story. This is best done by a professional. For a good installation of your kitchen or bathroom, you therefore call on the help of Corrs. Also for all sanitary facilities such as the toilet and taps and associated piping.

New layout or as it was?

When installing a new kitchen, sanitary or bathroom, many people think they are stuck with the current layout. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our specialists can install electricity and pipework wherever required and adapt the routing to the new design if necessary. They can renovate existing pipework and make it suitable for the new layout, but it is possible to divert the pipelines or even lay completely new pipes. In short, we can go in any direction regarding the layout! We are of course happy to advise you.

We even install the lighting!

When installing a new design, we ensure that the picture is complete. A new interior only really comes into its own with the right lighting, so the lighting is also discussed. Of course we take your wishes into account.

Lighting can be used in various ways in a room, for example by placing spotlights in the ceiling or connecting wall lamps to the walls. In consultation we determine what is most suitable for the renovated space and ensure that this is realized. We ensure that the space will look exactly as you envision it.

What are the costs?

A new bathroom or kitchen is already expensive enough and that is why we provide our services at competitive rates. Moreover, we do not charge any call-out costs. With us you get what you expect: good workmanship at a competitive price. Before we start the work, you will receive a preliminary cost overview from us. This way you know immediately what it will cost you and you will not be faced with a surprise afterwards.


You can contact us by phone for more information, but you can also register your job with us online. We will then contact you without obligation to further discuss the assignment. In consultation, we ensure that the installation is completely according to your wishes.