Leak repair and leak detection 

If there is a leak in the house, it can cause a lot of trouble. Everything becomes damp and wet spots can form on walls and ceilings with all that that entails. Leaks must be repaired quickly to limit damage as much as possible. Have your leak quickly resolved by an expert? SI Installation Company employs experienced plumbers who know what they are doing. Thanks to our 24-hour emergency service, the professionals of corrs can repair your leakage in no time with a sustainable solution. For years we have been experts of the in the field of water, pipeline, gas and roof leaks.

There are several places where a leak can occur. Wherever pipes run, one can leak. Especially if the pipe is not professionally installed or outdated. This can be in the kitchen or the basement, but also in the bathroom. Your shower, toilet or underfloor heating can be the culprit for leaks. A roof leak can also occur with an outdated or poorly maintained roof. You will often notice this during a heavy rain shower. Sometimes you can use pans as an emergency solution to collect the water. In this case there is no urgency, but in the long term something will have to be done about it. Especially when more rain is on the way.

When a leak occurs in a pipe, a repair is often required immediately. It could be a small leak in, for example, a connector from which water is slowly dripping. A pipe can also burst and cause a large leak, which can cause a flooded cellar, for example. In this case, it is important to shut off the water supply and replace the water supply as soon as possible.

Your plumber for leak detection 

Repairing a leak as soon as possible is important, but first the exact cause and source of the leak must be determined. And that can sometimes be quite difficult, since piping is often concealed behind a wall. To detect the leak, the plumber can use modern leak detection equipment. Once the leak has been found, our repairers will correct the problems quickly and professionally, thus saving you a lot of extra damage. They will also examine the options for preventing leaks in the future.

24/7 emergency service for your leakage

In case of urgency, you can always contact us by telephone. At our plumbing company, people are on standby day and night to be able to carry out repairs immediately.

Even when there is no urgency, we are available at the time that you find convenient. Our 24-hour service allows you to make an appointment when it suits you best. We use low prices and do not charge call-out charges. With us you will receive the best service fand a competitive price. Because we clearly communicate our prices before the start of the work, you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Costs of solving leaks and leak detection

Are you curious about the costs of having your leak repaired and of having leak detection carried out by our plumbers? The costs for solving a leak and detecting a leak depend, among other things, on the type of leak (bathroom leak, roof leak, water leak or leaking water pipe) and the severity. However, we can give you a good price estimate with an accurate description of the leak.