Leak detection:

The Corrs team of experts locates even hidden leaks in water pipes quickly and accurately!

Leak location, together with moisture measurement, is a highly specialized part in the field of water damage restoration and drying. It is carried out as part of a thorough damage analysis and is an important measure to determine the cause of the damage, especially in the case of hidden leaks.

If the bathtub overflows, the source of the water damage is obvious. However, it is not that easy with water pipes.

Leak detection in water pipes:

In pipelines, water pipes or lines of the heating system, the leak is usually not visible to the naked eye and is difficult to find. The same applies to leaks from water pipes in the ground. Over time, this can lead to extensive soaking of walls, floors and ceilings. Enormously high costs and large-scale, cost-intensive renovations can then no longer be avoided.

Water pipe in the wall with a leak in the event of a burst pipe.

In order to prevent extensive renovations and large-scale soaking of the masonry, an exact damage analysis should be carried out immediately after the first signs of moisture appear. Broken pipe with water leaking? 

Leakages are located using the latest technology

In this way, consequential damage that entails increased and costly renovation work is avoided. It is easy to deal with sums of money in the four-digit range. With Corrs’s range of services  , you are on the safe side with all moisture damage: our many years of experience, professional competence and modern equipment guarantee reliable and thorough removal.

We are also able to make the material moisture in building materials visible and can determine climate conditions in buildings and individual rooms. We diagnose and document the causes of errors in a meaningful report.

Methods of leak detection in water pipes:

Our leak detection methods include: B. non-destructive as well as precise moisture measurements. This allows us to localize and determine how great the damage is, which rooms are affected and roughly where the leak is. Depending on whether a sewage, fresh water or heating pipe is affected, we use special measuring methods to further limit the leakage.

Leak detection flat roof:

Leaks can occur not only on heating pipes or underfloor heating, but also on flat roofs. Then you quickly have a flat roof damaged by water . With our many years of experience – combined with the latest equipment, methods and specialist knowledge – our well-trained employees discover even hidden leaks quickly and reliably.

The following methods for locating leaks in the event of water damage are available to us:

  • acoustic listening
  • Measurement of interruptions in the electrical current flow / neutron probe,
  • Flue gas process,
  • Tracer gas process,
  • Thermo imaging
  • endoscopy devices listening for leaks 

The application of the methods mentioned here to locate leaks after water damage requires specific specialist knowledge. So trust in competent and experienced professionals in water damage restoration. 4

Our  competent team  is always on hand when it comes to drying and repairing water damage. We not only have the necessary expert knowledge, but also use state-of-the-art equipment to locate leaks.

All of these components ensure that leaks and moisture can be located with great accuracy. This is the basis for sustainable drying and renovation.

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