Plumbing Repair Near You In Kent, WA

I live and work in downtown Kent, WA and am a few minutes away from the Plumbers’ Harbor. It’s also where you will find most of the major plumbing service companies in the city. The Harbor is a highly populated part of town. So if there is a plumbing problem in the area, it won’t be far behind.

plumbing repair near me in Kent  City

Plumbing Experience

My last experience with a plumbing service in Kent, WA was about six months ago. I had called one of these plumbing companies because I had some small plumbing problems in one of my home’s bathrooms. I live on a first floor and have a pretty high ceiling. I was surprised that the plumber who came to my house was able to get all of the water out of the tub without hurting myself or anyone else.


I had called about this problem because it was freezing cold outside and I was worried that someone might get hurt because of the freezing water. The plumbing company sent two workers out to assess the problem. One of them was a licensed plumber while the other one was an electrician. They estimated that they would be able to fix the problem in less than an hour and that it would cost them around $100.


When they were finished, I was ready to call the plumber back but he told me that he didn’t do house calls. I asked why not? He replied, “I can’t take a chance on getting someone hurt if I don’t know they’re certified.” I guess in this case it wasn’t the plumbing that was at issue but the poor plumbing service that I received. I really wish that he would have given me the same service for less money so that we could have replaced the tub and toilet for less.


Another plumber that I called recently fixed my toilet and it took him about an hour. He came out when it was cool and it was deflated, which I appreciated because it kept the smell down so much. We discussed the problems with him and he told me that he couldn’t help the other problems since they were all connected. However, he did give me advice on how to deal with toilet and kitchen problems on my own.


I think that it is important to always have a plumber available to give you advice. I found that I wasn’t calling the plumbers that were good in Kent, WA but I was calling those from Florida. After the plumber fixed my toilet, I called him again because I needed another one. He came and fixed the problem for me. This person seemed to know what he was doing and that it was better to have someone else come to the job than to try and fix it on my own. That saved me quite a bit of money because the plumber did a great job.

Plumbing services at home

When a plumber comes to your home to give you plumbing service it’s best to go with someone that you have known and trusted for many years. The most common problem that plumbers are called out for is when someone in the house develops an infection from the toilet or the kitchen sink. They also are called out for things like leaky faucets, clogged drains and slow running toilets. If you are a resident of Kent that you have never contacted a plumber before I urge you to do so.


There is nothing more frustrating than trying to take care of a plumbing problem yourself and ending up making it worse. You waste time and money and the only thing that happens is you have to call another plumber to come take care of the problem. I encourage everyone to call a plumbing company to take care of any problems in their home that are plumbing related. A good plumber in Kent will be more than happy to help you out and make sure that your plumbing repair near Kent goes smoothly.

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