Gas line leaking? Smell of gas in the basement? Leak in gas line?

Do you have a leak or a smell of gas ? Does it smell like gas is there in the boiler room, in your apartment/house bathroom or kitchen?

We can help you …
If you smell gas in the cellar on the gas pipe / gas lines or on the gas stove, our gas fault service

We are near you

Our gas fitters or gas fitters drive to you direct as an emergency service, that is, our gas fitters / gas fitters are distributed all over your city.


What to do if you smell gas?

Does the smell of gas come from the central heating? Smell of gas in the basement? Gas smell from your gas meter?

  • Extinguish all open flames!
  • Draft – open all doors and windows!
  • Do not operate any electrical switches (doorbell, light switch …).
  • Do not make calls from rooms with a smell of gas!
  • If possible, if the location is known – close the gas tap immediately (usually on the gas meter in the basement).
  • Warn everyone in the area (do not ring the doorbell! Please call or knock).
  • Leave the building.
  • Switch off the heating (gas boiler / gas boiler).
  • Turn off the gas on the gas stove.
  • If there is a smell of gas, ventilate the room.

After the above call us immediately!