Blocked toilet? 

The disposal of a toilet is only calculated on toilet paper and human excrement. Yet there are enough residents and the surrounding area who flush anything and everything down their toilet. Do you regularly flush other things down the drain of your toilet? Then there is a good chance that you will have to deal with a blocked toilet.

A blockage of your toilet can be recognized by the fact that the water hardly or no longer flushes away. If it concerns a persistent blockage, the water can even remain in the toilet bowl for a long time. In the worst case, your toilet can no longer be used. Do you want to be permanently released from your clogged toilet ? Then contact our plumber.

Why call in a plumber when the toilet is blocked?

Call in a plumber for a blocked toilet? A lot of people don’t even think about it. They find this unnecessary and think they can unclog their toilet themselves. In some cases this is indeed possible, but only if it is only a minor blockage. Are you unable to unclog your toilet yourself with the help of an unblocker, unblocking spring or unblocker? Have your clogged toilet unclogged by our plumber. We know exactly how to fix a blockage in a toilet.

Clogging quickly a thing of the past

By calling on our plumber, you will be free of your clogged toilet  in no time. All our employees have extensive experience when it comes to clearing blockages. Because we also have the necessary equipment and tools, it does not matter whether it is a harmless or persistent blockage. All blockages are quickly a thing of the past when you call in us. An additional advantage is that you can be sure that the blockage will be completely resolved when you call on our plumber.

Is it wise to unclog yourself?

Do you often unclog a blocked toilet ? Then you may well be able to unclog your toilet yourself. However, inexperienced people should be careful. Why? Because incorrect action can cause the blockage to go further down the drain. And the further a blockage is in the drain, the more difficult it becomes to remove it. Doesn’t it seem sensible to you to unclog your toilet yourself? Then just call in one of our plumbers.