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A new small heating, cooling and ventilation system from the US manufacturer Unico Systems has been launched in the UK. It is exclusively distributed by the plumbing dealer Bell Plumbing Supplies.

The Unico system, which is installed in half a million homes and businesses across the United States, provides both heating and cooling and is fully compatible with boiler, underfloor heating and heating systems. existing heat pumps.

The decision to make the Unico system more widely available to UK residents follows a string of record summers, as well as growing demand for better climate control.

The near-silent system, which operates at less than 30 decibels, uses suction to provide draft-free heating and cooling, ensuring that temperature differences do not exceed one degree throughout the home.

Hot and cold air is supplied through discreet outlets on the ceiling, wall or floor, eliminating the need for radiators.

Richard Soper CBE, Unico Systems UK, said: “The United States is used to much larger temperature differences, which means that household ventilation and air conditioning are often installed as standard. As a result, the Unico system is perfectly suited to the needs of domestic properties; providing effective climate control, but also operating at barely audible below 30 decibel and without the need for the large ceiling cavities or technical rooms often required for commercial systems. For self-builders and renovators, this offers a unique opportunity to offer occupants the same level of air conditioning and comfort that they expect in cars, hotels and gyms, regardless of the season.

Calvin Pope, Commercial Director at Bell Plumbing Supplies, says: “One of the biggest advantages of the new Unico system is its compatibility with existing heating systems and smart controls. This allows occupants to maintain constant temperatures throughout the year. Non-invasive installation methods also mean that they are as applicable to the renovation market as they are to new construction.

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