Budget and debt counseling – loose quick loans and dare to ask for help

Have you accumulated quick loans and other debts you cannot pay? Budget and debt counseling can help you find a way out of debt and take control of your finances. It is completely free of charge and help is available in all municipalities. You can choose to remain anonymous at your meetings with the budget and debt adviser.


Budget controls the economy

debt loans

There are many ways to go on the path to debt relief. Either you can ask for help in your home municipality, or you can try different steps yourself.

Make a budget to get control of your finances and loans

You can start by making a budget. There are several services available online, such as consumer. In the budget service, which takes about 25 minutes, you can calculate the total budget of the household and find out more easily where the big expenses are and what could change.

The best thing to get a reality-based picture is if you have access to the invoices from the last month. If you do not have it then you also try with the standard amounts stated and change yourself to suit your own finances.

Consumers provide independent facts and guidance on issues related to credit and insurance. They have a tool called the Credit loans which is good for getting a picture of loan costs and for calculating how different interest rates affect costs.


Get a grip on the situation – Collect all debts and loans

debt loans

The most important thing to start with, is to find out what the situation looks like. If you have thrown bills and invoices and ignored the loan advances, chances are that your debts are bigger than you think.

  • Start by collecting all the invoices, digging in the drawer boxes and calling the collection companies and ask what it looks like.
  • Then you make a budget and check where you end up. If the fixed expenses are much larger than the income, it must start today. If you have many small credits, it can be a good idea to look for a mortgage loan and then it is best to apply through a loan broker, where you get a quote from several banks.

Make sure to take a look at the situation today and start the new year with a new, researched private economy!

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