Loan despite limited contract

Although many lenders require the current employment certificate to be presented, the loan can be taken out despite the fixed-term contract. Borrowing is easiest if the lender simply asks for a certificate of earnings or even refrains from presenting it because of a small loan amount.

If the loan repayment takes place within the period of the current time limit anyway, borrowing is easily possible despite a fixed-term contract, but employers are more likely to use the option of multiple contract extensions than to immediately award a fixed-term contract of employment with a term of two years.

Opportunities to borrow on fixed-term contracts

Opportunities to borrow on fixed-term contracts

In contrast to online banks, which usually only assess facts that can be verified, regional savings banks and Volksbanks also take into account the specific situation of an applicant. You know the employer of the loan applicant and you know the likelihood that they will extend a fixed-term contract after it expires. Furthermore, they assess the borrower’s prospects of finding a new job quickly, based on their professional experience and the local labor market situation, so that in many cases they grant a loan despite a fixed-term contract.

Another option is for the borrower to provide an additional guarantor with a fixed-term contract, provided that the borrower has assets or an open-ended contract. The use of the overdraft facility is also possible with a fixed-term contract, since the bank usually only takes regular payments into a checking account to set it up, without asking about an employment contract. The disadvantage, however, is that the overdraft facility is very expensive; a cheaper alternative is the disposition loan, which is also often available without submitting an employment contract.

Installment payments and dealer loans

Installment payments and dealer loans

Installment payments and dealer loans are easy to obtain even with fixed-term contracts, since no employment contract is usually required for their award; even the certificate of earnings usually only has to be presented for larger loan amounts. For legal reasons, no one is allowed to conclude a loan agreement if they are unlikely to be able to pay the installments properly; However, borrowers usually expect to renew their fixed-term employment after the deadline, so they will not intentionally violate this principle if they take out a loan despite a fixed-term contract.


Only the best loan conditions for you

Every borrower wants the lowest possible interest on his loan. However, this wish cannot always be easily fulfilled. Because the really good conditions are often not to be found at the big banks, which are advertised on television.

Where the credit terms are really good

Where the credit terms are really good

Often, much cheaper instant loans can be obtained from the smaller banks that are at home in the second or third row. These financial institutions do not invest millions of dollars in expensive advertising campaigns, but rather concentrate on the essentials: they delight their customers with low interest rates and fair processing. These banks know exactly these banks, and these institutions will determine the credit conditions for you.

Save a lot of money with good credit conditions

Save a lot of money with good credit conditions

Bon-Credit researches the current interest rates with up to 20 different possible lenders. This ensures that you are always offered the best conditions. That pays off for you in cash. Because thanks to low interest rates, you save money every month when borrowing. With large loan amounts and long terms, the savings can well add up to four-digit amounts.

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Find the best loan terms online

Find the best <a href=loan terms online” />

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4 Things to Consider Before Taking a Loan

Who doesn’t want to have some extra money in the account on a rainy day? Taking out a loan is both quick, easy and can be done by almost anyone. You can choose to take out a loan without UC and even borrow with payment notes. However, taking out loans is not entirely without its risks and there are some things to consider before going online in search of low interest rates.


1. Type of loan


Before deciding whether to take out a loan, you must first and foremost know what kind of loan you want to take. Different loans have different characteristics such as interest, length and size. To know what kind of loan to take, you need to have it clear to you what the loan is going for.

Consumer Lending

By far the most common loan. These loans usually range between $ 5,000 – 350,000 over a maturity of up to 12 years. Private loans include car, motorcycle and boat loans. A private loan can be both with and without collateral. For example, car loans usually the car acts as the collateral of the loan, but often it is the borrower’s ability to pay that determines how great the collateral becomes. Private loans can be used for whatever you want, but because of its size and its interest rate, it can be good to use it only for important investments. Let’s say you have a water leak in the accommodation. A private loan for a renovation can be cheaper than leaving the leak and may get a water-damaged housing.

Instant loans

Quick loans, or sms loans, are as they sound; fast. Quick loans take you when you need a small amount of money, quickly. With a loan amount of about $ 500 – 40,000 and a maturity of up to just over 2 years, you can repay the loan. Due to its speed and not needing any collateral for the loan, fast loans have a higher interest rate than other types of loans. If you are unable to make your payments on time, the interest rate may also go up further. Quick loans should therefore only be taken on emergency occasions when you really need cash at the checkout fast.

Mortgage loans

A classic loan that almost every Swedish takes at some time in their lives. Mortgages are used, as the name implies, for housing. Mortgages can go up to 85% of the value of the property and have a loan period of up to just over 10 years. Because your home is used as collateral, mortgages provide among the best interest rates on the market. Some banks have started with a mortgage ceiling, which means that you can only borrow up to a certain limit based on your annual income.


2. Interest

interest rates

The interest rate is what you pay for your loan. If you take out a loan of $ 100,000 with an interest rate of 5.69% over 5 years, you must repay about $ 114 106. This means that you pay $ 14 106 for a loan of $ 100,000. As you can see above, there are several types of loans, all of which have different high interest rates. Loans with collateral as mortgages will always have lower interest rates than one without. When you take out a loan it may be good to not always take the first best thing you find. Waiting, comparing and counting on the various banks and lenders can be a good business and you can often negotiate a better interest rate. It also helps to have a good credit rating.


3. Maturity

money loans

The maturity and interest rate go hand in hand. As a rule, a loan costs more because you have to pay the interest longer. The longer the term you choose to have on the loan, the more the loan costs. It is therefore important to balance how long the period you want to pay off the loan on and how high interest rate you are okay with having. Remember that it is sometimes possible to renegotiate your loan afterwards.


4. Your finances

private loans

Before applying for a loan, you should first take a look at your finances and whether it will be able to pay off a loan. The solution to your financial problems may simply be solved through proper budgeting and some smart savings. If you receive a payment note on your loan, you may end up in a worse situation than the one you started in. By looking at your monthly and annual budget can help you understand how much you can borrow and for how long.


The usual credit check when applying for a loan

When you want to borrow money and fill in your application, it always says that a usual credit check is done. But what does this mean? Is it always done the same way? Is some credit reporting company nicer than others? Does Fast Loan Make a Credit Check?

The truth is that the conditions and requirements of an application process can look a little different. All loans do a credit check, but in different ways.


Credit testing reflects your ability to repay

Credit testing reflects your ability to repay

Under the Credit Act, the lender must make a credit check regardless of the loan amount. The credit check is done to see if the borrower is expected to be able to repay his loan with interest and amortization. This is important partly for the lender, in order to be able to determine the risks of lending a loan, but also a good guide for the applicant himself, to see if you really have the condition and opportunity to repay the loan.

Easier loans = Simplified credit testing

A credit check can partly consist of a credit report being taken to see the applicant’s income, if they have any guaranty and other debts and loans. The credit report also shows any assets and liabilities and payment remarks with the Corona Prosecutor.

We apply for a loan or credit for a sum of less than half a base amount, so it is enough to do a simplified examination.


Not everyone can borrow money

borrow money

The bank decides whether a loan should be granted and whether the applicant’s repayment ability is good or bad, the bank has the right to refuse a loan.

A lender who says that you can borrow money with a payment note does not mean that you can borrow money if you have a payment note, but that with this lender you have the chance to be able to borrow money when other banks said no. However, customary credit testing and assessment of future repayment ability are always done.

Easier to borrow money with security

It is always easier to borrow money if you can provide something as collateral for the loan. The security may consist of a property or precious object, or a close friend or relative who is the guarantor of your loan.